Our Story

Starting as a family-owned and operated business, Country Prime Meats has specialized in producing superior quality meat snacks for over 25-years. Living in Germany, Reinhard Springmann, Founder, aspired to become a rancher, living off the land to provide freshly-grown food for his family. This dream brought Springmann and his family to North America, where they planted their roots farming and raising bison and cattle. Springmann’s passion continues to be evident in Country Prime Meats’ operations today with a dedication to producing the highest quality products and a commitment to their natural surroundings and preserving the environment.

Premium Quality

We produce products that we are proud to provide to our families. Our mission is to support humane animal treatment and create wholesome products using local, natural ingredients with no additives, hormones, or fillers. Country Prime Meats products are naturally smoked, high in protein, gluten, and lactose-free, have zero trans-fats, no added MSG, and contain no artificial colours or flavours. The products are further air-dried to ensure a moisture level guaranteeing them freshness for 18-months, making them a convenient snack that requires no refrigeration.

Carbon Neutral

Surrounded by nature, Country Prime Meats recognizes the importance of preserving the environment. Since 2014, the facility has been designed to be carbon neutral and environmentally friendly through a number of initiatives including: the use of a sunlight heat collection system to pre-heat smokehouses; heat from cooling unit compressors is regenerated into hot water preparation; recycled wood waste from pine beetles and log homes is used to produce hot water and steam; electricity used by the plant is from hydro dams and the lighting uses the latest LED technology. Additionally, Country Prime Meats has proudly been the recipient of the Innovation in Energy Management Award.

Our Facility

Our goal is to manufacture and distribute the finest quality Meat Snacks with a continued commitment to the highest levels of food safety. Country Prime Meats production facilities are federally inspected, HACCP approved, and Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 Certified — an internationally recognized, independent food safety standard. Our facility’s quality management system conforms to food safety regulations and demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement in good agricultural practices and manufacturing principles.