How It All Began

Reinhard Springmann, his wife Gertrud, and their two sons, Markus and Peter, created Country Prime Meats in 1996 in the realization of Reinhard’s lifelong dream of having freshly-grown food on the table for his family. For 25 years, Country Prime Meats has remained committed to creating wholesome meat snacks using local, natural ingredients and preserving the environment by using safe farming practices and carbon-neutral facilities.

Our Story

We produce products that we

are proud to provide

to our families.

Premium Quality

We use only the highest quality domestically sourced ingredients, carefully selected to ensure delicious flavour & freshness. When you taste these snacks, you immediately notice the quality difference.

About Us

Carbon Neutral

Surrounded by nature, Country Prime Meats recognizes the importance of preserving the environment. Our commitment to the environment begins with our facility which is designed to be carbon neutral and fossil fuels friendly.

Our Facility

We manufacture and distribute the finest quality Meat Snacks while conforming to the highest levels of food safety regulations and demonstrating our commitment to continuous improvement in good agricultural practices and manufacturing principles.

Irresistible Indulgence

Everywhere you go, enjoy delicious and tender meat snacks! Country Prime Meats products are made using natural ingredients with no additives, hormones, artificial colours, or flavours. Naturally smoked, high in protein, gluten, and lactose-free, our meat snacks have zero trans-fats and no added MSG.

Our Products